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October 2019
BioJapan 2019

パシフィコ横浜 展示ホール, 横浜




出展社による製品技術セミナー 概要

■日時:  10月10日(木)14時25分~14時55分

■会場: パシフィコ横浜展示ホール内 Exhibitor’s Stage II

■演者:  David Sokolowski, Global Product Manager, Pall Biotech

■講演タイトル:  Acoustic Wave Separation – A non-filtration approach for continuous clarification of perfusion cell culture

■講演抄録: We report on a disruptive and scalable single-use technology for cell retention during perfusion cell culture based on an acoustophoretic separation. At the process development (PD) scale, we demonstrate the ability to continuously process CHO cell culture and retain cells at densities of up to 100 million cells/mL, at flow rates of up to 2 bioreactor volumes per day, for perfusion cell culture up to 60 days. Acoustic clarification technology does not use hollow fiber tangential flow filtration (TFF), and we ensure 100% transmission of the mAb. The post-AWS harvest is 99% clarified, and any residual cellular material can be removed using a small gamma stable membrane filter or directly loaded onto a 0.2 micron filter prior to chromatography. No demonstrable adverse effects have been identified for the quality of the HCCF, the product itself, or the viability of the returning perfusion cell culture following cell retention using AWS technology.